Philip E. Barrington

"A must-read thriller! Based on true events!"

Acclaimed author P.E. Barrington has been recognized for his best-selling book entitled
“Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis”.
The recognition was earned for his entire body of work that reads like a diary.
What’s most impressive is that the book was completed after the fact that the author was crushed between two cars, like an accordion and lived to tell his story!

Wearing a Philadelphia collar around his neck, two steel wrist splints, one for each wrist, a cast on his right leg from knee-to-toe and left confined to a motorized scooter for mobility, Barrington did not stop writing his manuscript. Since he did not have the use of his hands, he began dictating to his computer in order to complete the book.

“The prestigious ‘Stellar Book Award’ symbolizes the display of courage, perseverance
and belief in the human spirit. I’m delighted and honored to be the proud recipient of
the ‘Stellar Book Awards’, said Barrington.

I would like to acknowledge ‘Mindstir Media’ for their expertise in developing and implementing a strategic marketing and publicity plan that gained media coverage on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. I highly recommend Mindstir Media, said Barrington.

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☆☆☆☆☆5 out of 5 stars. · “A Masterpiece!”
What would you do if one day you woke up and your life was turned upside down? Where do you begin? Well, this is the new life of Grant Davis as he wakes up one morning to find his life altered forever. “Who Okayed this? The riveting life of Grant Davis” is a book that surrounds our titular character as he travels around the world to piece his life together and become an ideal man in the community. I loved this book, and one of the reasons is the author’s suspense. Told in first person, Phillip E. Barrington takes the reader on a wild ride, full of suspense and unanswered questions, making us question our will to live and whether Grant should hold on to what he has. The author expertly covers the problem a modern man would go through in their life, from dealing with a corrupt system, being at odds with the authorities, the true definition of healthy relationships, and the support one expects and receives from family. This is one of the most ENGAGING stories I have ever read and one of the best experiences I’ve had. Kudos to the author for piecing together this enticing story.

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