Philip E. Barrington

"A must-read thriller! Based on true events!"

by Abhay Singh19-09-202219-09-2022

A threat from the past …

“Two months later, I received a collect call from Sing Sing. Yes, that Sing Sing, the maximum security state prison north of New York City. I didn’t accept the charges, of course, because I didn’t know anyone who had been sent there. After all, I didn’t make it a habit to seek out and befriend convicts. Whoever he was, the caller screamed over the operator as she was speaking to me. I heard him loud and clear after I rejected the call. He was threatening to kill me!

He called a few more times after that, always with the same message: “I’m going to kill you, and you won’t see it coming!” 

I replied “Obviously your employer didn’t educate you on your subject. Two things you should know: There are a handful of alphabet agencies that have been keeping tabs on me for a very long time. In fact every phone has been monitored for decades. Even as we speak, this phone call has been triangulated and all of your information as well as all of your associate’s info are being examined, right now, in real time. Your entire existence is going to be under a zoom microscope from now on, so, get ready for a shit storm! By the way, you can’t kill me.” 

He asked “Why is that?” 

I replied… “Because… I’m already dead!”  

Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davis, as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX, is a thriller by newly acclaimed author P.E. Barrington. This fast-paced page turner is dark, gritty, and based on a shockingly true story. As the winner of the 2022 Stellar Book Award, the story of Grant Davis is taking the literary world by storm.

Inspired by true events, this novel is the diary of the fascinating character known as Grant Davis. Readers meet Grant in his childhood and grow with him through the circumstances that shape him as a man. His struggles, triumphs, and stunning adventures become their own as they become enmeshed in his life. Too often readers are thrust into thrillers that lack character development – halfway through the manuscript they hardly know the main character’s name.

This tale is different. The reader is thoroughly immersed into Grant’s world before the plot even begins to thicken. By the time he is swept into a whirlwind adventure, the reader has already found themselves utterly invested. The high drama begins in the summer of 1995, in the sleepy upstate New York town of Woodstock. Once the scene for historic music, love, and peace, the night is shattered by the very opposite: a violent home invasion and a ruthless attack.

Grant finds himself utterly betrayed, injected with a poisonous toxin, and fighting for his life. Desperate for a cure, he journeys from New York to the wild Alps of Bavaria. Hidden within the wilderness, a mysterious castle – a brilliant scientist – and maybe, just maybe, the cure that will save Grant’s life. If he can survive, he must face the most brutal question of all: who okayed this?!

Author P.E. Barrington is pleased to share his masterpiece with the world. He has reported being deeply honored to have received the Stellar Book Award, and hints that his next novel is in the works. He began writing after sustaining major injuries in a terrible car crash. During his long and painful recovery, he began jotting down his thoughts and experiences. Ultimately this became the gripping novel that tells the story of Grant Davis.

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