Philip E. Barrington

"A must-read thriller! Based on true events!"

By  dawnwells  – February 17, 2023 

We all admire people who are able to do what seems physically impossible: climb Mt. Everest, run 100 miles, or swim the English Channel. In Who Okayed This?! The Riveting Life of Grant Davisauthor Philip E. Barrington gives us an ordinary man who must do something even harder: maintain his faith in humanity when his closest friends try to kill him by injecting him with a toxin. The mystery/thriller, which won the Stellar Book Award 2022, takes readers around the world as Grant hunts for clues and an antidote even as he struggles to reconcile how he used to see the people in his life with who they really are.

“Grant, whose story is based on real-life events, is the last person you would expect to be the victim of an assassination attempt,” says Philip E. Barrington. “This is the guy who stands up for what is right and pays his parking tickets on time. He is not a bull in a china shop, going through life bothering everyone else or deliberately making enemies. Just the opposite, in fact. However, his ethics and sense of fairness attract the attention of the wrong people and lead him to be attacked one night in his New York home.”

In Who Okayed This?!, with the toxin causing his health to rapidly deteriorate, Grant knows his time is running out, and he sets off on a rollercoaster quest to understand what happened and to find a cure. Philip E. Barrington reveals that as Grant tries to make sense of everything, he wrestles with his shock at the betrayal by his closest friends.

“Grant understands that what people say is not always the same as what they do,” Philip E. Barrington states. “Their actions are far more important and reveal their true characters and motives. He experiences this on an even larger level as corrupt officials, including those who should be helping him, try to prevent him from getting to the truth behind the attack on him.”

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