Philip E. Barrington

"A must-read thriller! Based on true events!"



The next morning after breakfast, Dr. Siegfried and I went back to the laboratory. He wanted to share the results of my blood work. 

As soon as we sat down, he stated, “Your infection is serious, as you can 

see by looking at your white blood cell count. We need to get to work on this 


He led me to a corner where a huge machine stood. The front was covered 

with dials. He told me to sit down and take off my shoes and socks, then he put 

a wet towel over my bare feet. He gave me two copper cylinders to hold; they 

were connected to the machine. 

“You’re going to feel a jolt of electricity, Grant. This is going to happen every 

thirty seconds for approximately fifteen minutes.” He patted my shoulder and 

said, “I’m setting it on low; gradually we will turn up the dial.” 

“You’re electrocuting me?” 

“No,” he soothed. “I’m revitalizing your body, and electrocuting the unwanted organisms in your blood simultaneously.”

Dr. Siegfried turned the machine on and it buzzed loudly. 


I felt a little sting. “That’s not so bad,” I said.

He smiled. “Good! So let’s turn it up until we reach your threshold of 


As he turned up the dial, I responded to the jolts. Finally I had reached my 

limit. “Okay, okay I think that’s as high as you should go.” 

He said, “Fine. Now this is the proper level for your bioelectric therapy. 

We’ll continue it for the next fifteen minutes.” 


A timer went off with a ringing sound, and a cuckoo bird popped out. As 

if the timer was an old cuckoo clock. I was starting to think I was cuckoo for 

letting Dr. Siegfried do this to me. 

Then he asked how I felt. 

I realized I felt immensely better. “Strangely, I feel really good!” I replied. 

“Great!” he said. “In a few minutes, I want to try something else.” 

He wheeled over another machine. “This took me quite a number of years 

to develop. It’s the culmination of my life’s work.” 

“What is it?” I asked. 

“I was able to measure the healthy metabolism, record it, then replicate the 

biological information. I’ve done this with the human immune system as well.”

“What can you do with this information?” I asked. 

“My boy, I will show you,” Dr. Siegfried said. He then proceeded to place a 

different set of copper rods in my hands. “The information is going to go within 

your cells to make you healthy and whole once more.” 

This was hard for me to believe, but I was desperate and willing to try 


Dr. Siegfried turned on the machine and said, “Just sit back and relax. I’ll 

be back in twenty minutes to check on you.” 

I sat there looking out the window as deer walked about in the snow at the 

edge of the forest. I forgot about the rods in my hands, the machine doing whatever it was doing to me. The world I was in was incredibly beautiful. 

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and before I knew it, the twenty 

minutes was up.

Dr. Siegfried asked, “Grant, how do you feel?” 

I mumbled, “Verrrrry relaxed.” 

“Good,” he said. “Within the next few days, you’re going to see some remarkable changes in how you feel.” 

“I hope so,” I replied. 

When Dr. Siegfried insisted I stay at the estate while I recovered my full 

health, I agreed to be his guest. Why not? I canceled my room at the resort. 

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