Philip E. Barrington

"A must-read thriller! Based on true events!"

I was watering my friend’s plants while he was out of town as I spotted a baby gecko on the sidewalk. He had a bump on its head and he appeared to be thin and deteriorating. His neck was stuck, it was in a strange position. So I studied the little guy for a while. I didn’t know what I can do to help. Then the light bulb went on inside my head. The formula!

I relocated the baby gecko on soil under lemon tree. This could be the geckos little island. He looked so bad. I made a concoction with ground up worms, crushed basil, and the formula. In Len’s bathroom, I found a medicine dropper that I could use to drip feed the little baby gecko. I decided to name him Herman. I plunged the dropper in the special formula, then tried to entice little Herman to eat. It wasn’t easy. I dripped some onto the bump on Herman’s head thinking at least I could try to heal that up. The formula dripped down the side of his tiny head. Some dripped into his mouth and he must have decided that he liked it! Suddenly he opened his mouth wide as if asking for more. I filled up the dropper. Herman’s mouth open very wide as I squeezed the formula into his mouth. I watched him digesting it as his body began to assimilate the nutrients. His belly was clear and transparent to some degree, it was wonderful to see him thriving on the formula he had quickly acquired a taste for. After he was done eating, his body started to react. He began to shake vigorously, then quieted; this happened several times, then he looked up at me. We stared at each other. He settled back down, closed his eyes and took a nap. The next morning, Herman was up bright and early. When I arrived on the patio, he looked like he was waiting for me. His neck seemed to have straightened out, he was up on his feet, acting energetic and alert. He came close to the camera, jumped on my finger, then leaped back on the soil around the lemon tree.

I fed him more formula to which he responded enthusiastically. Within three days the bump on his head was completely gone. Herman must have felt all better because after 4 days of treatment with the formula, he took off! When I went to see him on his little island he was gone. I was happy for him and glad that I had captured the events on camera. Otherwise, nobody would have believed I had a friendship with an ailing little gecko named Herman.

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